Triple-D Darko .. Ep. 2 / 7

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It was a Thursday night in a dark part of town and while the soft light of the crescent moon was shining faintly through the lean leftovers of storm filled clouds, rain dripped through the iron steel sheets used to fix the rotten roof.

Three obscure individuals were standing around a piece of paper on an old and empty 55-gallon drum while moths pounced on the stuttering warehouse lights. 

‘That’s quite the dear-diary entry you have here officer-euuh what you say your name was?’

‘Purdy, Jack Purdy and it’s sergeant, sergeant first class, boy.’

Boldly he whipped out his shield assuming it would make an impact.

It didn’t. 

Standing on the polished concrete floor scattered with puddles and pigeon shit, person two probed the copper in front of him and while rapping his fingers against the side of the drum he dug up and lit up a filterless Gauloise. Screeching bats above the trio erratically flapped their wings while speed hunting slow moving bugs.

Sergeant Purdy was casually dressed, wearing over starched slightly too short navy blue pants, ankle covering black leather booths and a shiny gray blazer. Apart from his little shield nothing was giving him away as an officer of the law. 

‘Well, sergeant first class, a bit of an odd hour to be rummaging through these parts of town. You lost?’

The sergeant grunted, cracked his neck and snorted loose a piece of meat from a pot roast dinner he’d enjoyed some days ago. ‘I’m in no mood for wisecracks boy.’


Amused by the b-grade theatrics the Dirty Harry wannabe was exhibiting, person two grinned while blowing out some silver smoke.

‘I came here,’ the sergeant went on. ’cause I have some questions. I presume you decided to show up cause you have some answers?’

‘The sergeant has some questions?’

‘Indeed I do boy, now, you have some answers or you want to keep fucking around?’ 

‘Relax sarge, you’re on your period or what?’

From the inside pocket of his shiny gray blazer Purdy took out a notebook, pointed his finger at the piece of paper still laying on the drum, ran his tongue over his mango butter balmed lips exposing his absurdly white teeth, tapped his pen against them and started asking.

‘Some birds up in Rikers told me I could find some info here regarding this skull-stabbing son of a bitch, why here?’ 

Person two looked at person three, who was standing next to him, and pulled op his shoulders. ‘Birds tend to sing when they’re caged, songs for food, songs for attention… I’m sure a sergeant first class knows this?’

Purdy spat out the piece of meat he’d been chewing on. ‘Instead of running your mouth, why don’t you try and answer the fucking question.’

‘Well, sergeant, let’s for a moment assume I have some info. What’s in it for me?’

In yet another display of B-movie gold, the sergeant unholstered his gun and put it next to the piece of paper.

‘How about not getting shot. How does that sound?’

‘I’m really sorry, but, your name? What you say your name was again?’ 

‘Purdy, sergeant first class Jack Purdy. You might want to remember that.’ 

‘Don’t you worry sarge.’ person two winked. ‘I’ll remember. Now. Please indulge me. Where do you, sergeant first class Purdy, fit into all of this?’ 

‘I’m asking the questions here, boy.’


The end of the cigarette sizzled as person two flicked it into the puddle next to Purdy’s boots. Blowing out the last drag of smoke, he reached into his pocket and put a key next to the gun. 


As soon as Purdy recognized the small metal object as the key to his front door, his eyes started to twitch. 

‘Where? Who the fuck are you and where did you get this?’

Visibly uncomfortable Purdy tried as hard as he could to keep his composure.  

Again person two pulled op his shoulders. ‘Let’s say one of those birds dropped it earlier on.’ 

Stammering, all riled up, Purdy lashed out. ‘Threatening an officer of the law is a criminal offense fuckface!’

Person two shrugged. ‘Seems like somebody came to the table with too little cash on hand.’

Purdy now realized he was being played and how not holding on to his gun had been a mistake. 

‘To be frank sergeant first class Jack Purdy.’ Person two continued. ‘I didn’t come over here to answer any of your questions, I came here cause I have some of my own.’ 

Purdy’s eyes jumped from left to right, assessing the situation, weighing out his options. 

‘So I understand you got that note from someone up in Rikers. What I don’t understand is how exactly this case is connected to you? Because Even if your shield number is correct, this case is not even close to your jurisdiction.’

Purdy was pinned and froze up, until person two put his gun next to his. 

‘Are you ok sergeant?’

Knowing he’d lost control, Purdy reluctantly opened his mouth. ‘The… The man who got murdered, was an active agent.’


‘Interesting. Isn’t that interesting Diktor? Person two turned his head towards person three. ‘So all of a sudden agents are allowed to commit crimes? 

‘What do you mean?’ 

‘Well, sarge, here on the paper it clearly says that the person with the pierced skull raped this man’s sister?’

‘Low life scum always lie to justify their crimes. I’m sure you two know about this.’

‘So sergeant first class Purdy? Are you saying the girl wasn’t raped?’ 

‘I don’t give a shit boy, maybe she’d asked to get fucked for all I know.’ 


‘Left or right sergeant?’ 

‘What? What does that even mean? I don’t see…’



In a riveting sequence person three shot two nails through each of sergeant first class Purdy’s feet.

‘What The FAAAAAK!!!!!’

As the sergeant screamed, he lost his balance and fell backwards in one of the puddles right next to a wingless moth fighting for its life on a mountain of pigeon shit.

‘You’d better claimed you were lost when you still had the chance sergeant.’ 

‘Faaaaaaak! Shit!’ Purdy screamed. ‘You fucking idiots, do you know who I am? I’m the goddamn law!’ 

‘Oooh, I know who you are, Jack Purdy. The question is, do you know who I am?’ 

‘What the fuck?’ 

Person two kneeled next to him, lit up another cigarette and yelled in his ear. 

‘One, you fucknut, I’m not a goddamn boy! And two, I never asked to be raped. You might want to fucking remember that!!’


‘Diktor.’ The robot immediately reacted to her voice. ‘Take his left leg and let’s get the fuck out of here.’ 



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