Triple-D Darko .. Ep. 1 / 7

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It was the seven⎮thirteen from New York to Miami. I took my seat in cart 983, the last wagon of the Amtrak Silver Star, and waited.

Breeding the sound of metal slamming onto metal, the train thundered on the tracks while the rising sun drove its rays through the blacked out windows, casting ever morphing shadows listless slithering over benches, tables and floor.

Eleven years had passed since we’d last seen each other, eleven long years and although I was certain he wouldn’t recognize me, I still had, when I took the seat in front of him, asked if he minded. 

‘Please do.’ he’d answered, dropping his newspaper, staring straight at me, smiling a pencil thin meaningless smile.

There was no twitch in his eyes, no pause in his gestures. He had answered me just as he would have answered any other stranger. 

Failing to recognize me was his first mistake. 

I patiently sat down, unbuttoned my coat and observed him from behind my dark Cazal gold framed sunglasses. 

He was now sporting the look of a forty year old uptown yuppie, donned in a two piece suit, slightly tanned, sparkling white teeth. A well executed disguise, one I had only figured out just a few months ago.

The train rattled but undisturbed he pulled the newspaper back in front of his face to finish reading up on the daily hoo-ha.  

Failing to be attentive was his second mistake.

Out of the tip of my modified shoes I sprayed both of his feet with a hefty tranquilizer, the kind you would only notice when you would try to run away.

I checked my watch, still three minutes till go time. 

Tik tok.

Two minutes. 

Tik tok.


With the sound of wind being simultaneously pushed out and sucked back in we entered the tunnel and in a snap everything went dark. 

I excused myself and walked towards the one door separating us from the rest of the train, bolted it shut, pulled down the curtain and made my way back. 

Tik. Tok.


Like a bullet my hand shot through the newspaper grabbing hold of his throat. 


Every so many meters, a light in the tunnel made the whole cart light up, like a bolt of lightning or the flashbulb on a crime scene. 

He immediately let go of the newspaper while his heart pumped frantically through the veins in his neck. 

I smiled and watched how his mouth was searching for the air I was not allowing in, and for a moment, staring at his odd smooth face and those panic filled eyes, I wondered if I maybe had made a mistake. 

Was I absolutely certain it was him? 

Flash! Another licht passed by.

Flailing, fighting to free himself, he reached for my hands and that’s when I saw the scar on his wrist. It was him and without further delay I hurled him face down on the floor where he squirmed, grunted and pushed, like a worm on a hard surface trying to find its way back into the dirt ridden soil. 

By now he must have realized the ability to use his feet was gone.

Flash! Another light.

He yelled. Oh my, he yelled with all of his might.

Towering over him, I took him by the shoulders and flipped him around. It had taken me years to find him and months to prepare. But here I was.


With my knees I pinned down his arms and slowly took off my sunglasses. 

‘I told you I was coming.’


Dazed and confused he looked at me and suddenly realizing who I was, he stopped struggling, dropped his act and grinned.

‘Oh. Oh it’s you? How is your little sist…’


My fist shattered his nose and two of his upper teeth.

Spitting out the teeth he just kept grinning until I put my head next to his and reminded him of the promise I’d made. 

‘Wait!! What!?

Instantly the grin vanished and unfeigned fear entered his bloodstream. His heart started racing again and sweat exploded out of his body. Frantic he yelled: ‘Wait! Wait!!!’

And so it began…

I grabbed my first knife and swiftly stabbed it through the flesh and tendons of his right wrist, nailing him to the floor. Erratically heaving, sniveling, fighting to get me off, his screams filled the whole cart. 

It was I who was grinning now as I slammed the second knife through the flesh of his right wrist, carefully avoiding his veins, keeping him alive just for a few more moments.  


With one hand on his broken nose I pushed his face to the side, slid a small knife right under his earlobe and started to bring it forward. 

Halfway under his cheek I took the flap of skin with both my hands and ripped his face clear off.

The mask was of exquisite quality, a tinge too perfect as it was the unnatural smootness that had given it away. 

While I looked at the bruised face of the man who had raped my sister, he kept pleading: ‘Wait! Please wait!!’

But I had no intention of slowing down.


The wheels of the wagon passed the first track switch and a loud sound shook us both. Dramatically one of the little windows flew open, sucking the air out of the wagon, popping my ears. 

I knew I had to act fast as the end of the tunnel was nearing, so I pulled down his pants and grabbed my last knife. 

Pleeeaase!! Noooooooooh!!!

Once severed, I pried open his mouth, stuffed it all in there and set the point of the knife under his chin. 


With a hard knock on the handle I drove the blade through his face, piercing the dick in his mouth, pushing it through the top of his skull.   

The last light went by and the darkness left.

‘You done Dallas?’

‘I’m done Diktor. Let’s get the fuck outa here.’

Thursday night in a dark part of town. 

While moths were pouncing the warehouse lights and rain dripped through the rust cracked metal sheets used to fix the rotten roof, the moon was glowing through thin leftovers of storm filled clouds

Three shadows, a barrel and a piece of paper.

‘That’s quite the dear-diary entry you have here officer-euuh? ‘

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