Nasomatto⎪Black Afgano

“Black Afgano is one of the most interesting fragrances I will ever own. I have strong but conflicted feelings about it. It’s so enormous that I’m scared of it. This is the kind of fragrance that can start or end a war. 

I both love and hate it. I want to wear it. I really do. I think the problem is that this fragrance is not me, and I’ll never be the kind of man that can pull it off. I lean towards the sophisticated, feminine side of masculine and unisex fragrances. This is NOT those. This is as manly as you can get – no… really, it’s animalic.

I almost feel sick when I wear it because it is so intoxicating. It’s that kind of excited sickness one might feel when seeking out seedy anonymous sex on a hot humid summer night in the Deep South – I’ve said too much. 

Black Afgano is what Marlon Brando smelled like in “A Streetcar Named Desire”. It’s seductive the way heroin must be. I can’t stop wanting it. I wear it when I want to feel dirty in the sexiest way possible. One spray is almost too much – no, it IS too much. 

If you want to smell like sex and animals and weed and motor oil and musk and the armpit of a dark hairy man’s man, Black Afgano will fit the bill.

WARNING: NEVER wear this to the office, or to a funeral, or in an elevator, or in the summer unless you are prepared to pay the consequences. 

I’m honored to have it in my collection. 

I aspire to be the man that can wear this fragrance.” 


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