Zoologist⎪Tyrannosaurus Rex

“The smoke that comes out of a hospital incinerator. Cremated blood soiled bandages, body parts and vaporized contents of bed pans. Spilled menthol medicine and floral floor cleaner. Worth a sample for fun!”


“Smells like someone wearing plasticky leather pants who sprayed a patchouli floral parfum and walked into fire.”


“Wow. What a trip. What the **** is going on with this fragrance?! And I mean that in a good way. Others have described it by the notes, but I will review it based on the feelings it evokes: 

The opening is harsh. I can picture a T-Rex fighting for its life against another massive dinosaur in a tar pit as fiery brimstone rains upon the scene from a nearby active vulcano. The scent then settles into a calmer prehistoric scene. There’s a jungle scene with a floral, flowery prominence highlighted by burnt notes from the ambient smoke emanating from that nearby volcano, though no longer active and overpowering. 

I’ve never smelt anything so evocative or of such particular imagery before, even from the eccentric Zoologist with their excellent but admittedly divisive fragrances.”


This smells ancient, like a prehistorical creature museum that hasn’t been opened for years.

It smells like the dust, the antique woods and the buried fossils. It also smells like the hot wind blowing through a burnt forest in the wilderness, mixed with animalic anger and rage.”


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