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About the Presidential Debate..

“This is the earliest presidential debate in American history and the first-ever, to my knowledge, that has taken place before the nominating convention of either party. Ask yourself why they’re doing it. And more importantly, ask yourself why the Democrats made it a condition of Biden debating that they place that date that early. You got to skate to where the puck is going.”

– Vivek Ramaswamy / June 15 2024 / 2 weeks before the actual debate. 

BREAKING: CNN grills Kamala Harris—should Joe Biden step aside?

“CNN’s John King has described a panic in the Democratic Party right now because of Biden’s performance. Some in your party are even asking if President Biden should step aside. What do you say to that?”

“The President’s performance tonight clearly was disappointing for his supporters. CNN reports that Democratic lawmakers watching the debate were worried about the President’s performance. One said it was a disaster. Another called it a trainwreck.”

“Your campaign wanted and pushed for this debate at this moment. You can’t honestly say that you are not concerned at all after watching the President’s performance tonight?”

It’s quite remarkable how after this weirdly scheduled debate and a Biden performance that didn’t differ from his previous bumbling, freezing, stuttering performances, now, out of the blue, the side who only just a few days ago, were still claiming that everything is good and you have nothing to worry about with President Biden at the White House wheel, while at the same time pointing their fingers to those mentioning his cognitive decline, as Pro Trump / Putin loyalists pushing a crazy, conspiracy filled agenda using fake videos and out of context quotes. How now they ALL at the same time, in unisono, being joined all the way from over the Atlantic by the European high ranking political class and their News Media, have switched their stance overnight.

Astonishing. Almost like it’s all being scripted. Preparing for the old switcheroo. A hotswap involving Michelle Obama?

It’s so obvious that it makes you look around and ask yourself, why are there are so many just not seeing, even when fully opened and pointed towards, the man behind the curtain.

It’s like two realities on the same timeline.

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